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Solartint Plus Blacktown has now widened their range of high quality products with the introduction of New Car Platinum Protection packs.

Quality Products

AutoGard aftermarket products are the latest evolution of the highest quality products available anywhere in the world, which have been specifically developed to protect the new styles and formulations of automotive paints, vinyls, plastics and fabrics.

Importantly, all of our aftermarket products are water-based (solvent free) and non-toxic. And with Autogards lifetime warranty on new cars and free inspections yearly keeps us a step ahead of the competition.

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Platinum PaintGard

Platinum PaintGard is state of the art in paint protections. It works brilliantly in protecting against the harshest of tests, and produces a fantastic shine.

Importantly, Platinum PaintGard contains no silicons. Platinum PaintGard is formulated using fluoro-polymer technologies to create a chemically bonded barrier. Further protection is provided by our unique plexi-glass resin which quickly dries to form a transparent hard barrier to protect against the worst of environmental hazards. The combined barriers repel and reduce the impact of natural and industrial pollutants such as ultra-violet radiation, bird and bat droppings, tree sap, industrial fallout and hardwater Platinum PaintGard makes washing and maintaining the paint surface easier.

Protection will be further enhanced by the continued use of a Low PH Premium Car Shampoo, as both of these products contain the same protective elements as found in the PaintGard.

Leather & VinylGard

Leather & VinylGard has a very high concentration of protective ingredients.

Importantly it contains no oils and only a trace of silicon, as both of these ingredients have a long term detrimental effect on areas which are continually exposed to UV and IR radiation (such as dashboards).

Leather & VinylGard produces an even sheen, unlike many of the patchy finishes produced by competitors products. As a natural material, leather is subject to premature ageing, most commonly caused by ultraviolet radiation and heat from sunlight. Leather & VinylGard resists this ageing process andmaintains the naturalmoisture and tannin levels in leather trims of automotive dashboards, consoles and seats.

Absorbed into leather trims, the Leather & VinylGard will resist fading, cracking and staining. Once treated trims can be cleaned simply with a damp cloth to remove dust and foreign material.

Carpet & FabricGard

Vehicle interiors absorb a variety of pollutants fromsources such as dust, sweat, dirt, grease, food and drink spills.

Whilst these may be unavoidable, Carpet & FabricGard uses the highest concentration of Du Pont protective resins to create a physical and chemical barrier around each fabric fibre to reduce the absorption of liquids and stains. Friction between fibres will be reduced, increasing durability and limiting wear.

Cleaning of fabrics is greatly improved and the incidence of staining can be controlled. If spillages occurs,mop up spills with warm, soapy water on a cloth. Dry with a dry cloth. Regular maintenance can be achieved by vacuuming and then wiping over with a damp chamois.

Maintenance Pack

The AutoGard Maintenance Pack, which is "given away" to your customers, as a "Thank You", is great value for money.

Importantly, the Surface Rejuvenator is the 'First Aid' remedy against minor marks that might occur on paintwork from time to time. We have found that by including this product we have been able to assist customers over the phone and alleviate their concerns before the problem grows. Great for maintaining a high CSI!

The Platinum Car Shampoo are specially formulated to complement the PaintGard and maintain that outstanding shine and protection. The dealerships enjoy anywhere near a 55% profit margin on the sale of these products. So why waste your hard earned money , when we only use the Platinum Autogard Products.

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