Car Window Tinting Blacktown

Window tinting is the least expensive way to improve the look and style of your car. Here at Solartint we have been the leaders in window tinting offering only the highest quality automotive window films. From increased safety and comfort to improved appearance and privacy, our window films will dramatically improve your driving experience. With a large selection of products, we have window films that offer the benefits, colour shade and installation process that is second to none.

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Blacktown Car Window Tinting

Solartint's automotive films offer you:

  • Innovative technology
  • Nationwide Lifetime Warranties*
  • Shatter resistance to deter "smash and grab thefts"
  • Maximum heat and glare reduction improving comfort
  • Protection against the interior fading caused by sunlight
  • 99.99% UV rejection improving personal safety
  • Less use of air conditioning saving you money $$$

Wherever there is glass, we can improve it.

Just remember, a warranty is only as good as the company who gives it so with some companies avoiding obligations by changing their name, you can be assured that with over 50 genuine Solartint stores throughout Australia, we will always be here to service your warranty if needed.

Car Window Tinting Film Types:

We have films that range from dyed, extruded, fully metalised, ceramic based or the brand new nano particle technology. All that's left is for you to decide what kind of film you're after.

These five films listed below are just a few from the wide range that Solartint offers. Please feel free to call us for more information on the rest of our exciting range.

* Nationwide Lifetime Warranties only apply to certain films.

We have the latest ceramic films for home office and car. We have in store IR heat demonstration boxes for you to feel the difference for your self before you buy any of our products

Going the extra mile

We are constantly striving for perfection with the latest window films and workmanship. From superior lighting to mopping the store daily to keep contamination and dust out of our store. We even offer Netflix and Stan in our waiting room so you can catch up on your favorite shows while you wait.


Premium IR Car Window Tinting

Premium IR Tint

The Premium IR range of automotive window films pair natural beauty with sound scientific research for the ultimate in window film style and performance. Achieve high heat rejection without the look of dark, tinted windows. With several shades to choose from, Premium IR window film is the perfect addition to your vehicle.

  • Extreme heat rejection
  • Ultimate style and performance
  • A massive 91% Infrared heat rejection
  • 99% UV A,B & C inhibitors
  • Ultimate in style and performance
  • Superior visual acuity
  • Spectacully selective window film with superior visual acuity and the highest heat rejecting film without the need to use any metals.
  • Helps hold shattered glass together in the event of an accident


Black Envy Ceramic Car Window Tinting

Black Envy Ceramic Tint

A premium grade film, Black Envy – Nano Ceramic offers the highest of window film protection. Leading nano ceramic technology equips Black Envy – Nano Ceramic with long-lasting infrared block technology. Ceramic compounds ease the flow of technological signals, so you wont experience any interference with your gps, phone or radio. The perfect accompaniment for vehicles with privacy glass. Black Envy – Nano Ceramic is available in multiple shades so you stay within legal tint regulations. You can achieve desired levels of privacy or give your car a sleek look, it’s customisable to you.

  • Superior Infra-red heat rejection of 88%.
  • 99% UV Inhibitors
  • Protection you didnt know you needed.
  • A superior grade film, Black Envy Nano Ceramic offers the highest of window film protection. Drive without worry of damage, glare or heat transmission.

The shaded protection of Black Envy - Nano Ceramic allows you to enjoy a cool car protected from radiating infrared heat. All the while protecting your car from sun damage, you’ll keep internal reflection low so you don’t have to endure road glare.


Ceramic XS Car Window Tinting

Ceramic XS Tint

Keep your car cool this summer with our new Ceramic XS range of films. With high Infra-red heat rejection and 99% UV inhibitors its also is fade resistant while staying within the darkest legal VLT. Suitable for new model cars with GPS & digital radio etc. If you want the protection of Ceramic film technology at an affordable price then this is for you!


Black Envy Car Window Tinting

Black Envy HP Tint

Black Envy HP Is the very first Nano particle technology film in its class! Fade and corrosion free outlasting other conventional materials incl. dyed & metalised films by more then 50%, this film is spectrally selective which means it rejects glare & blocks heat while providing visible light & optimum clarity. This new technology wont interfere with your car's next generation innovation such as rear screen aerial, GPS & satellite radio. With 99% UV (A,B&C) & 63% Glare rejection all with a nationwide lifetime warranty.

Black Envy... Do you dare to impress?

Onyx Car Window Tinting

Onyx Tint

Onyx is a high performance film that is fully metalised for high heat rejection. This film is shatter, fade, bubble, blister & scratch resistant and is a deterrent for smash and grab thefts. This film improves personal safety by blocking 99% of UV rays and also come with a nationwide lifetime warranty.

Onyx… Black just got blacker.

Charcool Car Window Tinting

Charcool Tint

Charcool is a cutting edge extruded film that never changes colour. With a non metal construction this film reduces signal interference, offers you shatter resistance to deter "smash & grab thefts" and improves your personal safety with a 99% UV blockage all with a nationwide lifetime warranty.

Charcool… Be cool.

Where quality outlasts price